04 February 2023. AFBC Ethics Committee decision on the case of Mr. Moses Muhangi, President of Uganda Boxing Federation.

Mr. Moses Muhangi is punished with a fine of 5,000.00 Swiss francs in accordance with Article 17.1 (b) of the AFBC Disciplinary Code for having violated the constitution of the AFBC and the regulation on the policy of IBA parentage. Indeed, he published on social networks a letter from the members of the Board of Directors of the AFBC intended for the President of the IBA which was circulated for signature. He intercepted it and published it on WhatsApp groups without authorization, with the aim of discrediting the Confederation of African Boxing. In addition, he continues to manage the former AFBC WhatsApp group and uses it to make his propaganda against the current leaders of the AFBC. He authorizes himself to send emails to the leaders of the IBA to maintain the climate of intrigue within the Confederation. Articles 5.4(b), 11.1(c) of the AFBC Constitution and 4.1(c) of the IBA Parentage Policy Regulations summarize that any Federation and its members shall refrain from which can tarnish the image of the Confederation and its governing bodies. The interested party Mr. Moses Muhangi has the right to appeal exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) within 30 days of receipt of the decision (cfr. article 46.2 of the AFBC Constitution).