A third member of the Gabonese Boxing Federation, mr. Aaron Koumba, has been sanctioned by the AFBC Ethics Committee with a WARNING for violation of the AFBC Constitution and IBA Membership Policy Regulations.

Aaron Koumba, like his other colleagues Olivier Moussavou and Ayi Nestor, is accused of having participated in the campaign of insults against Mr. Basile Kalong, the Secretary General of the AFBC, accusing him without valid reason of interfering in the Gabonese Boxing Federation. Insults humiliate the person targeted and damage the reputation of the AFBC, an institution of which Mr. Basile Kalong is Secretary General. Koumba has thus violated Article 11.1c of the AFBC Constitution which stipulates that # any Federation and its dependencies are obliged to refrain from any conduct which is detrimental to the reputation and interests of the Confederation.

The WARNING is justified by the fact that Mr. Aaron Koumba or even Moussavou find themselves in conflict with the Constitution of the AFBC for the first time. In the event of a repeat offence, they may see the penalties increased.

As for mr. Ayi Nestor, the suspension is justified by the gravity of his comments against mr. Basil Kalong who have been found to be discriminatory and in violation of Article 4.1 of the AFBC Constitution which states that # ANY DISCRIMINATION or any kind.. against any country, private person or group of people on the basis of race, color of skin, nationality or social origin etc…………., ……, sexual orientation or any other reason IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.