Elections at the Gabonese Boxing Federation. Bonaventure Nzigou Manfoumbi elected president on April 22, 2023.

The Gabonese Boxing Federation has a new President and new leaders since this Saturday, April 22, 2023.

President Bonaventure Nzigou Manfoumbi and the new members of the Gabonese Boxing Federation were elected by the majority of the 5 league presidents present out of the 8 in Gabon.

For 2 years the Gabonese Federation had no governing bodies recognized by the IBA and the AFBC. This worried the Confederation of African Boxing which took the initiative to assist this Federation through its Board of Directors to normalize the situation.

The election took place in the presence of observers from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Gabon, the Olympic Committee of Gabon and officials sent by the AFBC (Vice-President Azania Omo-agege and the President of the Ethics David M. Pina.

Gabon 1ère, Journal Télévisé de 20H du 22 avril 2023 (extraits)