AFBC’s Omo Agege Sienna Azania and David Pina pay a courtesy visit to the Gabonese Olympic Committee

The AFBC Vice President Mr Omo Agege Sienna Azania, the AFBC Ethics Committee Chairman Mr David Pina paid a cortesy visit to the Gabonese Olympic Committee with the presence of the new Gabonese Boxing Federation President mr. Nzigou Manfoumbi Bonaventure.

On the occasion, the official of the two sides had good exchanges. Both parties promised to assist the new Gabonese Gabonese Boxing Federation Executive in implenting their programs to develop boxing in Gabon.

The Gabonese Olympic Committee President Mr. Cresent Pambo thanked the assistance of AFBC in regularizing the issue in the Gabonese Boxing Federation, congratulated the new President and its Executive elected and promised to lift the suspension of the Gabonese Boxing Federation and re-admit them quickly into the National olympic mouvment.

From left to right: José Walter Foula, secrétaire général du Comité Olympique Gabonais. Un président de Ligue provinciale de boxe. David Pina, Président du comité d’éthique de l’AFBC. Cresent Pambo, Président du Comité Olympique Gabonais. Omo Agege Sienna Azania, vice-Président de l’AFBC. Bonaventure Nzigou Manfoumbi, Président de la Fédération Gabonaise de Boxe. Trois présidents de Ligues provinciales de boxe.