AFBC Boss teams up with ANOCA Head in Dakar.

Africa Boxing Confederation Interim President Azania Omo-Agege (far right) with ANOCA President Mustapha Berraf after giving out medals at the Dakar Arena during the Africa Olympic boxing qualifiers.

AFBC has petitioned ANOCA requesting for more slots instead of the current 18 allocated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Azania and Berraf met this week in Dakar and discussed the petition at length.

18 tickets for Paris 2024 were issued following the qualifying events in Dakar.

  1. Men’s 51kg (Gold Medal) : Patrick Chinyemba (Zambia)
  2. Men’s 57kg (Gold Medal) : Joshua Omole Dolapo (Nigeria)
  3. Men’s 63.5kg (Gold Medal) : Jugurtha Ait Bekka (Algeria)
  4. Men’s 71kg (Gold Medal) : Elawady Omar Elsayed Ragab (Egypt)
  5. Men’s 80kg (Gold Medal) : Abdelgawwad Abdelrahman Salah Orabi (Egypt)
  6. Men’s 92kg (Gold Medal) : Adam Olaore Olaitan (Nigeria)
  7. Men’s +92kg (Gold Medal) : Mourad Kadi (Algeria)
  8. Women’s 50kg (Gold Medal) : Roumaysa Boualam (Algeria)
  9. Women’s 50kg (Silver Medal) : Yasmine Mouttaki (Morocco)
  10. Women’s 54kg (Gold Medal) : Widad Bertal (Morocco)
  11. Women’s 54kg (Silver Medal) : Ayyad Yomna Ahmed Rezk Abdalla (Egypt)
  12. Women’s 57kg (Gold Medal) : Khouloud Hlimi Ep Moulahi (Tunisia)
  13. Women’s 57kg (Silver Medal) : Marcelat Sakobi Matshu (DR Congo)
  14. Women’s 60kg (Gold Medal) : Hadjila Khelif (Algeria)
  15. Women’s 60kg (Silver Medal) : Cynthia Ogunsemilore Temitayo (Nigeria)
  16. Women’s 66kg (Gold Medal) : Imane Khelif (Algeria)
  17. Women’s 66kg (Silver Medal) : Alcinda Lucas Dos Santos (Mozambique)
  18. Women’s 75kg (Gold Medal) : Mardi Khadija (Morocco)

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