African Boxing Confederation President Eyassu Wossen Berhanu arrives for Genocide Memorial Tournament in Kigali

Picture: President of AFBC Mr. Eyassu Berhanu (left) and President of Rwanda Boxing Federation Mr. Vicky Kalisa (right)

Kigali, Rwanda – June 16, 2024: The atmosphere in Kigali is electric as the city welcomes the distinguished African Boxing Confederation President, Eyassu Wossen Berhanu, who has arrived to attend the highly anticipated 2024 Genocide Memorial Tournament closing ceremony. Greeted with enthusiasm by Rwanda Boxing Federation President, Vick Kalisa, President Berhanu’s presence marks a significant moment for the event.

In a show of solidarity and support, President Berhanu, alongside the Ethiopian Ambassador to Rwanda, Mesfin Gebremariam Shawo, and the president of Rwanda boxing federation president Vick kalisa visited the hotel where the talented boxers are staying.

The dignitaries took the time to meet with the athletes, offering heartfelt encouragement and wishing them the best of luck as they prepare to showcase their skills.

The Genocide Memorial Tournament holds a profound significance, serving not only as a commemoration of the 1994 genocide victims but also as a celebration of unity and sporting excellence. The involvement of prominent figures like President Berhanu and Ambassador Shawo highlights the event’s importance and the growing prestige of boxing in Africa.

Stay tuned as Kigali hosts this remarkable tournament, bringing together top boxing talent and honoring a legacy of resilience and remembrance.

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