AFBC Ethics Committee Members

Short CVs of AFBC Ethics Committee Members.

Chairman (David Pina)
Names: David Miranda Pina
Nationality: Angolan
Birth date: 17/11/1968
Phone number: +244 924 322 401 & +244 917 232 323
E-mail: &
Academic qualifications: Licence in Management and business administration
Career: Former Officer / Military Police, Former Secretary General of Angola Boxing Federation
Current job: Business Consultant
Main languages: Portuguese, French and English

Member (Balde Alpha Oumar)
Names: Balde Alpha Oumar
Nationality: Guinean
Birth date: 27/03/1983
Phone number: +224 620 659 565 & +224 656 161 600
Academic qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering
Career: Marketing Manager
Current job: Business man
Main languages: French and English

Member (Safoine Chamakh)
Names: Safoine Chamakh
Nationality: Tunisian
Birth date: 21/06/1994
Phone number: +21 697 980 977
Academic qualifications: Master degree in Laws.
Career: Lawyer, Sport Manager for elections processes
Current job: Lawyer
Main languages: Arabic, French and English

Member (Samwel Ernest Mangesho)
Names: Samwel Ernest Mangesho
Nationality: Tanzanian
Birth date: 24/05/1983
Phone number: +255 719 000 002
E-mail: &
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Laws Degree (Hons), Post Graduate in Legal Practice
Career: Lawyer, Banker and elections processes for sports organizations
Current job: Partner-Optima Lawyer Chambers
Main languages: Swahili and English

Member (Henrique Samuel dos Santos Comiche)
Names: Henrique Samuel dos Santos Comiche
Nationality: Mozambican
Birth date: 04/12/1977
Phone number: +258 827 325 690 & 258 842 600 036
E-mail: &
Academic qualifications: Law Degree in Civil Aviation Law
Career: Lawyer in Civil Aviation Domain, Former Member of Mozambique Boxing Federation
Current job: Lawyer and Manager at LAM – Mozambique National Airline
Main languages: Portuguese and English